Half Asana Acres
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Half Asana Acres
Yoga and Meditation Retreats

be still or be active


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Geoff and Sarah decided to leave the city and return to our shared roots of the mountains, trees and fresh air. We want to share the joy and freedom of nature with you while we behave as caretakers of this special space. 37 acres of forrest, pasture and yard are adorned with a barn and a contemporary retreat space.

Half Asana is a play on words. Asana means pose or shape in the yoga traditions. Half Asana…. well, maybe we all need to live a little half-asana sometimes! We hope this makes you laugh… and then realize that HAA is also a pretty funny acronym as well. Come and live a little half asana with us!


Upcoming Events



Scheduled retreats

Attend a scheduled retreat, hosted by Half Asana Acres with classes by Sarah Lynn. We offer a variety of retreats from yoga to learning about your health to hiking and river play!


Plan your own retreat

Get 1-10 people together (friends, family, coworkers, etc) and plan your time at Half Asana Acres with Sarah Lynn as your guide/teacher.


rent the retreat

Rent the space. Maybe it’s a get together with loved ones or maybe you want to lead your own retreat. We’ll work with you to create the perfect environment for your event!

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