geoff and sarah

Love is easy. Marriage might even be easy, however balancing 2 professional careers hasn’t been so easy for Geoff and Sarah Lynn. We’ve been tearing down the obstacles keeping us from living the life we choose and we are making happy happen! When faced with the the next professional step in our lives, we made a decision based on how we want to live instead of how we want to work and are dedicating our time and energy into Half Asana Acres.

We want to live in close connection to nature, breathing fresh air. We want to get our cardio by walking the property lines and managing the needs of our woods. We want to be close to family, as the middle of a sandwich generation of healthy yet aging parents, adult children and grandchildren. We are living with love.

Geoff is a Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing (MEP) Specialist and Superintendent in the fast moving industry of commercial construction. He grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with a strong wanderlust driving him to hike ridge tops, walk into the desert and travel the world. 

Sarah Lynn dances on the line between teaching and learning. For eleven years she was a public school teacher and another eleven she owned a yoga studio and has been teaching yoga since 2002. To balance all that teaching, she acquired two Master’s Degrees from George Washington University, Educational Technology Leadership and then Integrative Medicine from the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. 

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We say things like~

Make happy happen.

No pants tuesday!

I like you too.

It’s just a process.

love us

Tacos? Tacos!

The property

37 acres
2 miles of hiking
1 House
1 Barn
1 Pasture
1 Running shed 
Countless Trees
400 foot elevation change
View of Spruce Run Mountain


Outdoor spaces

4 hammocks
1 Hanging Tree Pod
2 porches - front and back
1 Chiminea 
1 Cooking Fire Pit
1 Stone fire pit and 2 benches
Outdoor table/chairs/umbrella set
Outdoor shower - seasonal


yoga props

20 Bolsters
20 Blocks
20 Blankets
20 Straps
A Few Mats
8 Eye Pillows
Poofs and pillows for meditation
Surround Sound - Bluetooth sound system


Personal spaces

4 bedrooms
3.5 bathrooms
8 X-Long Twin beds
1 King Bed
1 Fully Equipped Kitchen
8 seats at dining table
More seating and tables if needed
Flexible seating areas