Sarah Lynn - Lead teacher

Teaching Style

My teaching is informed by functional anatomy, Integrative Medicine and the philosophy of yoga. My favorite space is where the traditions of yoga have been verified by modern science. I will ask you questions during practice that encourage you to investigate within your mind and body. The questions train you to be mindful, using pratyahara to turn your senses inward and respond to what you observe in your own body. I offer challenge while accepting your body, choices, limits and exceptionalities.

Through the practice of meditation, I’ve cleaned up my thoughts to a point that I live without a filter and speak what’s on my mind. I am easily amused and I laugh often and I laugh loudly. I hope you will laugh with me! Asana classes will be thoughtfully sequenced, guiding you to a peak experience. Classes that aren’t in motion such as nutrition, philosophy or stress management will build on basic concepts to more complex, be interactive and open to all points of view.


PhD Candidate, Virginia Tech, Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise
2019 - Present

MS, George Washington University, Integrative Medicine

MA, George Washington University, Educational Technology Leadership

BS, Virginia Tech, Education

Career Highlights

Business Owner
Half Asana Acres
2017 - Present

2007 - 2018

Yoga Teacher - Gyms, studios,  JOURNEYoga & Half Asana Acres
2002 - Present

School Teacher - Grades 6 - 12
1999 - 2010

Yoga training

Yoga Alliance and Distinctions
2010 – Present Owner, Lead Teacher, Registered Yoga School 200 Hour
2014 – Present Owner, Lead Teacher, Registered Yoga School – 85 Hour Prenatal
2018 – Arlington Sun Gazette Yoga and Pilates Teacher of the Year
2008 – 2010 Member, Board of Directors, YoKid ... Stretch Your Limits
2008 Yoga Ambassador LuluLemon Athletica

2018 Toronto Yoga Conference
Tiffany Cruikshank,L.AC, MAOM, E-RYT - Intensives on SI dysfunction and Proprioception & Neuroscience in Yoga
Dr. Blake Martin - Review of Research: Neuroscience and Yoga

2016 Toronto Yoga Conference
Dr. Ray Long FRCRC,  – Anatomy and Biomechanics
Jason Crandell – Core Engagement as Support for Inversions and Arm Balances
Tiffany Cruikshank,L.AC, MAOM, E-RYT – Core As Injury Prevention

2014 India
Govindas – Spiritual guide through temples, towns and rivers
Sadvi – Parmath Nikitan – Individual Sutra Study and Intentional Volunteering
Hari Krishna Temple in Vrindavan – Lecture/Discussion on Connecting the Ancient Hari Krishna Mantra to ISKCON 
Fort Palace Neemrana – Lectures series on Modern Indian Delineation between Culture, Spirituality & Yoga Practice

2013 100 Hours of Bhakti and Ayurveda Immersion
Saul David Ray, Manoj Chalam, Girish, Mas Vidal

 2012, 2015, 2016 100 Hours Dr. Ray Long
Anatomy, Biomechanics & Research Updates
McLean Virginia, Blue Spirit Costa Rica, Toronto Canada

2011 Chakra Alignment Training 
Saul David Ray & Namdi 
Venice, California

 2009 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 
Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica

2009 50 Hours Independent Study
Yoga Curriculum Development and Manual Writing 
Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica

 2009 100 Hour Heart-Rise Children’s Yoga 
Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica

2008 Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Ma Yoga, Mia Borgatta, Washington DC

 2007 Shiva Rae
Pathways of the Flow: Anatomy
Kripalu, Massachusetts 

2006 100 Hour Pranassage Practitioner Training
Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica

2005 200 Hour Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training
Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica

2002 YogaFit Teacher Training
Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Yoga Festivals and Events
2015 Wanderlust Snowshoe, Yoga and Music Festival
2014 Wanderlust Stratton, Yoga and Music Festival
2013 Bhaktifest Midwest, Bhakti chanting, Meditation and Yoga Festival
2012 Bhaktifest, Bhakti chanting, Meditation and Yoga Festival
2009 Chant for Change, Bhakti event in Washington DC
2009 Om Ball for Obama Weekend Events emphasizing Ritual in all things, Inaugural Ball for President Obama
2005 Yoga Journal Conference – San Francisco

Outside - nearly 40 acres of nature

The property

37 acres
2 miles of hiking
1 House
1 Barn
1 Pasture
1 Run-in shed 
Countless Trees
400 foot elevation change
View of Spruce Run Mountain


Outdoor spaces

4 hammocks
1 Hanging Tree Pod
2 porches - front and back
1 Chiminea 
1 Cooking Fire Pit
1 Stone fire pit and 2 benches
Outdoor table/chairs/umbrella set
Outdoor shower - seasonal


yoga props

20 Bolsters
20 Blocks
20 Blankets
20 Straps
A Few Mats
8 Eye Pillows
Poofs and pillows for meditation
Surround Sound - Bluetooth sound system


Personal spaces

4 bedrooms
3.5 bathrooms
8 X-Long Twin beds
1 King Bed
1 Fully Equipped Kitchen
8 seats at dining table
More seating and tables if needed
Flexible seating areas

Inside - Yoga space and cozy places!

Food - fresh, colorful and individualized