plan Your Own retreat

Creating your own retreat can be a group of yogi’s who want to play together. It can be a girl’s weekend and get away. We can plan professional training for yoga teachers.

Another approach is a family or friends who are looking to make healthy changes. A plan your own retreat can cultivate new healthy behaviors and communication skills to allow a group to be supportive of each other both on the retreat and as you return to your life, creating health new habits!

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gather your group

Plan your own retreat pricing is per person, allowing for some fluidity in your group list. More people attending means less money per person. From 1 to 10 people, we can work together to create your perfect retreat. Decide who will be your point person and if you want, give your group a fun name as a public placeholder on Half Asana’s calendar.


Determine your Dates

Scheduled retreats are already in place, every other weekend through peak retreat season which leaves plenty of space for you to plan your retreat. Look at the Half Asana Acres Calendar of Events early in your planning and send an email with three possible dates for your group’s retreat.

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Plan your Programming

Mix and match the topics and activities you want in your retreat. Length of stay and desired depth of content will determine how many you choose. Let me know your interests and priorities and I’ll put together a potential schedule for your approval.

Integrative Medicine

Nutrition and Cooking
Stress Management
Cardio-Metabolic health
Developing safe Exercise Habits


Fire Pits


Level of Challenge
Vinyasa, hatha, yin and/or restorative
Bhakti and chanting
Philosophy Talks

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Manage your Meals

It is possible that your programming will impact your meals. If you want nutrition and healthy cooking, we will work on meals together. If you are interested in learning about your cardio-metabolic health, that may play a role. If you want to try vegetarian for the weekend we can do it. Let me know! When you’ve made some choices and I have the group’s allergies and sensitivities, I will produce a potential menu.

These Guiding Questions will help manage the meals:
Vegetarian or Omnivore?
Heathy with lots of fruits and veggies or comfort food?
Portions or buffet style?

Alert Half asana acres to all food allergies and sensitivities

Plan Your Own Retreat Pricing

$1000 base price plus $250 per person
Check In Friday Noon
Check Out Monday Noon
The price of meals, lodging and classes is included. Some activities may incur additional fees (massage, kayaking etc)