85 Hour Yoga alliance registered

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training


Details at a Glance

  • 5 weekends- (Saturdays & Sundays)

  • Residential or day student options

  • $1500 tuition with Early bird discount

  • lunches provided

  • must be RYT-2oo minimum

  • all weekends are required

Daily Scheudle

8 - 11 Class (3 hours)
11 - 12 Lunch
12 - 2:30 Class (2.5 hours)
2:30 - 3 Break
3 - 5:30 Class (2.5 hours)

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The 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training will guide you towards becoming an expert in teaching prenatal yoga. While many weekend trainings give you the knowledge to keep a momma safe, this training goes beyond safe and into useful. You will have the confidence to discern many of the common complaints of pregnancy from more serious symptoms, use asanas as a tool for increasing physical strength and help mommas build mental strength for pregnancy and labor and delivery.

Create classes and community that improve the lives of new mommas and their babies!

Training Philosophy


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is an advanced training, beyond a 200 Hour Registration. I make this distinction as the Prenatal training will target the pregnant body more than asanas, assuming you have asana knowledge from your 200 hour training. We will focus attention on the area of the continuum from available into productive asanas. When you take out the unsafe asanas, there’s space to build a specific practice that will support Momma’s body as it changes as well as prepare her mentally and physically for the demands of labor and delivery. 

Prenatal yoga can be taught to develop a sense of relaxation and grounding and it can span all the way to a high energy power class however the same elements of protecting Momma’s body will remain. Eccentric strength, Reciprocal Inhibition and Co-activation will dominate anatomy conversations as well as cueing practice. Movement devoted to hip strength, back strength and upper body strength will be investigated within the context of the pregnant body. Cardiac strength is also an important element of pregnancy and you will learn to safely guide classes with opportunities to raise Momma’s heart rate.

Mental strength is an important part of pregnancy, labor and delivery and creating community of like minded mommas. This training will guide you to lead meditation, breath-work and mantra that may help momma connect with baby. Another aspect of mental strength is about building a tribe or village. Cultivating community includes referring Mommas to practitioners they need beyond yoga as well as forming friendships among mommas with similar due dates or older children. 

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Prerequisites and Requirements

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Completed

  • The Pregnant Body Book - To be purchased by students

  • Manual Available as an iBook or a .pdf (free)

  • Minimum of 3 students, maximum of 10 to run the training

  • A pregnant woman to connect with during training. Help is available if you need support making this connection. This is for the purpose of making a connection and learning about her development.

  • A space/opportunity to teach 5 Prenatal Yoga Classes at the end of training. Again, help is available to get this set up.


  • $1700 (based on $20/hour)

  • Deposit by October 31, $700

  • Payment - Weekend #3, December 7, $500

  • Payment - Weekend #5, February 8, $500

Early Bird Discount if you sign up by October 13.
$200 savings off the original deposit!

only $1500 !

more details

Saturdays and Sundays

Weekend #1 - November 16 & 17
Weekend #2 - December 7 & 8
Weekend #3 - January 25 & 26
Weekend #4 - February 8 & 9
Weekend #5 - February 22 & 23
Snow Make-up Weekend, if needed March 7 & 8

Day Student option

  • Lunch Provided

  • Tuition and Books Required

Residential Student option

  • Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday nights available

  • You can change your residential plan each weekend depending on your life commitments

  • $50/night - Residential Fee for room and food

  • All meals Provided

  • All rooms/Bathrooms are shared rooms (depending upon number of attendees)

  • Up to 10 residential students possible

Sarah Lynn - Lead Instructor

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I have been working with pregnant and parenting women since 2000. As a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at the Teenage Parenting Programs of Arlington Virginia, I team taught with a Registered Nurse all the labor and delivery, pre and post natal nutrition, child development and parenting classes. I also played the role of physical education teacher there and began to develop movement programs for these teen moms. This started my informal study in prenatal yoga. From 2000-2010 I taught a semester long pregnancy prevention class to 8th grade girls, keeping myself in the realm of women’s health.

In 2007 I opened JOURNEYoga and began regularly teaching prenatal yoga. In the next eleven years, over 1,000 Mommas rolled through my prenatal yoga classes, teaching me about their bodies, conversations with their health care providers and their supports at home. I attended Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in 2008, taught by Ma Yoga’s, Mia Borgatta. Soon after this, a group of Mommas convinced me I should be their doula as I knew more about their pregnancy than their doctors or partners. While I did have weekly, and sometimes biweekly check-in with these Mommas, I did not feel prepared to be a Doula. So I trained with Doulas of North America (DONA) and supported a dozen births in person and supported countless others as “doula by text” answering questions and providing reassurance and reminders.

In 2017 I graduated from the George Washington University with an MS in Integrative Medicine, broadening my scope of knowledge about the human body and its spectacular resiliency and capacity for integration. Currently, I am a PhD student at Virginia Tech in Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise, focusing on the dissemination of health research into common practice though the study of yoga.

Through JOURNEYoga, I ran two prenatal yoga teacher trainings and many of those teachers are still working with Mommas as prenatal yoga teachers, labor and delivery doulas and postpartum doulas! Prenatal Yoga is a tricky business as there isn’t solid research and science to back it up. No-one wants to research on pregnant women! So you will find that the experiences reported by the mommas, listening to their stories and developing a sense of acceptance to all that is possible during pregnancy will be one of your best teachers. I hope you will join us in this training with an open mind to both the power and potential limitations of pregnancy, ready to build a community of strength, confidence and education.