Bend Balance & Bind - Deposit

Bend Balance & Bind - Deposit


Doing fancy yoga poses is one small (and unnecessary) element of an advanced yoga practice. While fancy yoga poses aren’t the lifestyle and life changing elements of yoga, accepting and achieving challenges is part of the practice. 

Take your practice to the next level with intelligent sequencing that prepares your body to accomplish challenges. Mindful practice will help you find your strengths and use your weaknesses as warning flags to back off and out of poses. You don’t need to be able to do all the fancy poses however you do need some components of strength and flexibility prior to attending this retreat.

Please send me 4 pictures of you doing yoga. Take the following pictures from the long edge of your mat view: one picture of you doing chattarunga, one down dog, and one hanumanasana (front split). For the fourth picture, make it your favorite pose. This will help me to develop classes and sequences that meet the needs of the group. If you have a pose that you want to work towards or fine tune, please share that as well.

Part of an advanced yoga practice is also being able to bend, balance and bind the mind. We will practice meditation and discuss yoga philosophy that address challenges and life balance.

All food, lodging and yoga are included in the retreat fee.
$250 Deposit with the more the merrier pricing for remainder!
Final Payments will be 4-6 people $275, 7-8 people $250 and 9-10 people $225!

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