Ten Classes (1 on 1)

Ten Classes (1 on 1)


Ten Classes with Sarah Lynn.
Yoga or Integrative Medicine Education
This can be in person at Half Asana Acres or online using Skype or FaceTime.
Timing meets your needs.
Purchasing ten classes will allow you to mix yoga and Integrative Medicine topics and make some serious progress toward goal achievement!

Yoga content can be challenging or relaxing and if you’re lucky, both. Classes can work with/and/or around injuries and limitations. You can set a pose goal to work towards or use the time to develop strength and flexibility. We can goal set together!

If you want to discuss topics of Integrative Medicine such as exercise, stress management, nutrition, supplements and sleep we can do that. If you want to learn more about how your body works and integrates or understand a new diagnosis, we can work with that. If you have autoimmune issues and want to learn more, that’s also possible!

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Ten 1 on 1 classes is a great way to mix and match asana, meditation and/or Integrative Medicine classes. You an set and make serious progress towards your goals!