Scheduled Retreats (SR)

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Scheduled retreats

Scheduled retreats are the easiest way to come an play at Half Asana Acres. Bring a few changes of cloths and we’ve got you fed, housed, and entertained!

Sarah Lynn planned a variety of retreats where you can come and meet new people, retreat within yourself for quiet time and maybe learn something new. Along with the healing power of nature, Half Asana Acres offers the true ability to retreat. At a talk with Krishna Das, someone asked, “How can I find enlightenment without spending years in India?” He simply responded with the word, RETREAT. Step away from habits, routines, comfort zones and distractions. Take time to live within the home of your body and mind.

Scheduled Retreat Pricing


More is Less Pricing for the remainder
Half Asana Acres does a head count and final payment is taken at check-in to the retreat.
Less than 4 people = ?
4 - 6 people = $275
7 - 8 people = $250
9 - 10 people = $225

Retreat Cost: $475 - $525

*If fewer than 4 people sign up within 2 weeks of start date, Half Asana Acres will reach out with potential win-win Solutions!